In The Balance

Just hours ago, a plane landed on soil I’ve longed to set these feet.

On that plane, a woman, a sister, whom I know only through this wild world of adoption and the strange blessing of internet, travelled some 24 hours along a journey that has yet to deliver her to her final destination. In a few more days, she will board another plane (this one smaller, not so robust, and far less predictable) and fly into a remote area of Central Africa.

And that rickety plane [I don’t throw down the rickety plane card flippantly; we’re talking about a place with one of the worst air safety records in the world], carrying my brave hero of a friend, will land in a small city that contains in its boundaries a small orphanage that houses the one person on earth that I dream about and pray for and weep over more than any other:  my daughter.  

As a critical care pediatrician, my friend will provide much needed medical care and assessment for the children at the orphanage, as well as supplies to combat malnourishment and some basic medical and nutritional education for workers.

But most overwhelming to my heart, and much more significantly for the little hearts in that place, she brings the love of us adoptive mamas a world away. The thought of someone I know being physically present to love on my girl completely undoes my heart.

Several months ago, I remember hearing Jennie Allen make a statement to this affect (my paraphrase):

Many lives hang in the balance of your yes.

So while other stateside professionals resisted visiting this remote orphanage due to the dangerous flight and a number of other risk factors, my friend said yes.

Obeying God - Your Yes - Mercy Ink

And my heart is bursting right at the seems in gratitude for her yes. 

Her yes to go to a place I cannot yet go.

Her  yes to be the arms and heart of this mama.

Her yes to leave her husband and children for a time to give sacrificially in this way.

Her yes to that old rickety plane.

Her yes to risk and countless unknowns and all the what-ifs.

If you think of it over the next week, would you pray for my friend? We would covet your prayers for favor in her work; for God’s leading and provision and protection during each leg of the journey; for answers to the state of the adoption cases there, and for understanding of the process and the lack of movement; for strength, wisdom, and discernment as she completes various tasks and administers medical care.

I believe my story and my daughter’s story is changed in ways I still do not fully comprehend because of one woman’s yes.

It has me wondering this morning:

What lives are waiting for my own stubborn heart to bend and give yes to the Lord?


Who might be affected if that dream or that nudge or that thought was acted upon?

There are beautiful stories yet to unfold. Perhaps they are waiting on a simple act of obedience from you, from me.

In what ways are you struggling to say yes? What are your biggest fears in obeying or taking a risk? Leave your thoughts in the comments and let’s encourage each other to let our love be greater than our fears.


Photo Credit: maula jat via Compfight cc. Graphics added.
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  • Lauren

    My human side SO struggles with the “yes” when I see the physical restrains of the world/situation (time, money, etc.). Thank you for this encouraging post full of love and challenge!!

    • Lauren Mills

      Me, too, friend. Just a mustard seed of faith though, right?!

  • Tara Eveland

    Hi there, I am new here, so I havent had time to look around and read all your story, but I take it as you are adopting a child from there? Or is your daughter WORKING there? I think your friend is brave and will keep her in my prayers for sure!

  • Wynne Elder

    praying for your friend. my heart and head say YES just thinking about this! how amazing!

    • Lauren Mills

      love you, Wynne. I think our hearts beat YES to many the same things!

  • Katie DeVine

    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been praying for your friend, your daughter, and the adoption situation every day. God has not abandoned you or her.

    • Lauren Mills

      Thank you Katie. You’ve been so faithful to pray for our journey… and we’re so grateful.

  • Holly

    praying for you and your friend on this life journey. hugs being sent your way!