An Adoption Story: The Likes Family

One of the most beautiful parts of this adoption journey for our family has been meeting and connecting with other adoptive families across the country. There is a level of understanding and comfort that only someone who’s going through it gets.

Recently, Carrie, who blogs at Bringing Our Babies Home, found me through the internet and asked about a donation for an online auction they are hosting to help fund their adoption of not one, but TWO precious kiddos from DRC. [By the way, I get asked about donating to auctions often and always say yes to adoptive families, so if you’re adopting and wanted to ask about a donation from my shop, please do!].

The Likes Family

As you can see, they currently have four (amazingly beautiful) children at home, and are about to make it six! I basically think this is fantastic :)

I would love for you to take a minute to learn more about this precious family and their adoption journeys:

The Likes are also the Give1Save1 family of the week, so you can head that way to donate TWO dollars (for their two kiddos) and help them meet their goal.

Aren’t they beautiful?!

The Likes Family adoption

MERCY iNK has also teamed up with the Likes family this month with our featured necklace fundraiser.
I know the plans faith necklaceKnow the Plans faith necklac

It’s been going well, but we need YOUR help! For the month of February, $10 from every sale of this necklace will go directly to the Likes family.

I so want to bless this precious family in February. I hope you’ll join us!

Have a lovely weekend, friends.

To adoption and to community,



  • Sharon O

    beautiful family… God be with you and help you in this process.

  • Elizabeth Mayberry

    love this! what joy!