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This Sunday we were able to share just a few minutes about our Guatemala trip with our local church congregation. The whole bunch of us were a weepy mess. Everything is still so fresh, so tender. Each of us long to be changed for good, and we believe our time in Zacapa was just the beginning of the stirrings of deep heart and life change.

You all have been so incredibly supportive and encouraging following our trip, and I thought you might like to see a snapshot of our week as we shared Sunday with our church. A really cute man I live with put the whole thing together, so, video credits to that cute youth pastor fella.

Remember you can find all of our team’s photos on Instagram by searching the hashtag #HFCNguatemala.

And, for those who have wondered or questioned, YES, there are ways you can respond to what you’ve seen and heard and read about the need in Zacapa. I’m so glad you asked ;)


Child Sponsorship

Sponsorship continues to be an incredibly tangible way to make a difference in one life. It’s been a blessing to watch members of our team return from the trip and respond through sponsorship. We saw first hand what sponsorship looked like for many little lives, so, how could we not? Learn more or sign up to sponsor a child in Guatemala.

 Diego sponsor night

Here we are with the only one of our sponsored kids we’ve met in person, Diego. He’s changed our lives.


Baby Rescue.

Get involved in the life saving work of Operation Baby Rescue. You can donate via the MERCY iNK fundraiser page here (my goal is to raise funds for 10 baby rescues this year!), host a Rescue Party, or start your own fundraiser.

Baby Rescue Hospital Zacapa

Clean water.

Water truly does equal life. It’s simple. And it’s an incredible need. You can read more about CauseLife and/or consider donating to our clean water well campaign here.

clean water well dedication Zacapa Guatemala


Yep, you heard me right. YOU can go. If you have any kind of prompting to, begin asking the Lord about going. I promise you’ll be forever changed. Open trips available for 2014 through World Help here.

As Bob Goff and Mother Teresa say: Go where Jesus is pointing. If you’re not sure where that is, go to the poor.

I believe strongly in each of these and highly recommend them. Your time and your dollar CAN change the world for one.

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Last week’s time away from the blog was a breath of fresh air. But I just can’t stay away from y’all too long. I look forward to reconnecting with our weekly Heart+Home link up… share what’s happening in your heart or home below!

  • Jelli

    What a great experience, Lauren! When I spent a summer in Guate for missions, we washed lots of hair, not feet. The children at the school with whom part of my group spent our days had terrible headlice infestations so we had a great time sitting outside in the sun washing their gorgeous thick black shiny locks, and the kids loved it too!

    • Lauren Mills

      I love that, Jelli! Those black shiny locks are gorgeous… and the big brown eyes. Heart stolen :) Always love hearing about your time in Guatemala :) Thanks for sharing!

  • World Help

    Thank you for changing lives with your love, Lauren. And thank you for inspiring others to do the same. We are so grateful for you.