Bumble Bee Themed Birthday Party – Photo Invites

Honey Bumble Bee Party via Project Nursery

I have to admit that I absolutely LOVE designing graphics and prints for people I actually know IRL (you know, “in real life” ;)).

Which is why I was so excited to design a bumble bee themed birthday invite for my old friend, Jen.  We go way back to high school;  Jen used to give me a ride to school in her nice Jetta (when I would otherwise be taking the bus as {shame} a  junior). True friendship, right?

Jen & her little “B”

These days Jen and I live in different states, but we’ve recently reconnected through our etsy shops. You must check out Jen’s shop, btw. She is uber talented and can sew up fantastic baby and kids bedding, like this:


and sweet little baby items, like this:

Ok, so in light of Jen’s little bee turning 1, and her upcoming bumble bee themed party, today I’m sharing some inspiring bumble bee themed party ideas from around the web, and also the invite I made for Jen’s sweet bee.

by Enchanted Events, posted via Hostess with the Mostess

via Tomkat Studios

via LeeLaaLoo on etsy

A gazillion bumble bee ideas on Amazon (scroll through widget below):

beeline DIY sign via lovetheday on etsy

Now that you’re completely inspired to throw a buzzing birthday yourself, here’s the invite I came up with for Jen’s little bee…

via etsy.com/shop/mercyINK

Obviously, I changed the event details and name. I’m sure Jen wouldn’t appreciate me sending dozens of strangers to her house on Little B’s big day! :)

Oh, but the sweetie pie picture? That IS Little B.

Can you even stand her cuteness?!

Ok, that’s it for today, dears! You can find this invite in my shop!

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  • Holly

    Such cute ideas and what a doll. Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party.

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